Having placed Marcato in the modern noir genre, I attempted to introduce the key  creative partnerships, the DOP, Editor, Producer  and AD to elements of the genre, I sent out links to the Killing/Forbrydelsen.(2012), The Bridge/ Bron (2014) and Modus (2016) during the script rewriting process.

These elements are external as Creeber ( 2015,p.15) notes “There is also a distinctive sense of place present in Nordic Noir, its portrayal of location and landscape implicitly reflecting its characters’ inner moods and feeling.”   So I wanted as much has possible to position the film in the Edinburgh of now.

And internal: In developing the role of Mila I was influenced heavily by the concept of Nordic Melancholy, as Waade and Jensen (2013)  explain “This melancholy  is expressed in the main characters’ inner psychological and personal conditions…. The protagonist most often has a hard time dealing with his or her own life, experiences emotional conflicts with others, and is often lonely and pensive.”(p.192). With this in mind  I strived to foreground Mila’s clumsiness, her social ineptness and feelings of rejection.

And with reference to style, I wanted to favour  noir’s low-key lighting, striking use of light and, shadow, unusual camera  placement as well as an at attempt a Twin Peak’s (Lynch 1991) style combination of the mundane and the unsettling. (Fay and Nieland, 2010)

The key roles of editor, DOP and producer did feedback on some elements which were incorporated into the planning.

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