Femme Fatale

In the TV Genre Book( Creeber, 2015, p.23) Marieke Jenner writes ” homesexual detectives are rare.. in a genre, dominated  by white, male straight heros”  so the change of the detective’s gender during the casting process in Marcato did raise some issues. The crime and noir genres are  often reflections of contemporary sociological issues and the genre is being constantly reinvented as more complex story worlds, more perplexing questions and more existential issues are brought to the fore. (Creeber, Miller, and Tulloch, 2008).

Should this, then change the dynamic between the characters?  Would this change the nature of the sexual tension, the dialogue and the narrative?  Should I then make the document more overtly political,and foreground the drama in a more obvious LGBT context? I wrestled with these questions and discussed it both with the cast and friends in the LGBT community and the consensus was the most “political” act, would be to change very little, that the characters gender is irrelevant.  On reflection this chance casting change allowed to me to more comprehensively investigate what are the key tenants of the genre and what creates dramatic tension and it is not gender, but character. *

This allowed me to tramline the script,  prepare the shot lists with the DOP and expand on the genre elements I wanted to  favour- unusual camera  placement and angles as well as the mood and atmosphere I hoped to achieve.

* At the class screening I was a little disappointed at the laughter on seeing the same sex kiss scene, which suggests we may still have some way to go as regards the perception of equality.

Creeber, G. (2015). The Television Genre Book. 1st ed. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Creeber, G., Miller, T. and Tulloch, J. (eds.) (2008) The television genre book, Second edition. 2nd edn. New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan on behalf of the British Film Institute.


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