The Shoot Continues

The Sunday shot at the Hub on the Royal Mile was always going to be the most challenging day. This was made worse by the last minute cost that was put in place. With some diplomacy through a personal connection, we managed to secure 50% discount, which some of the crew and myself paid.   The limited extras we managed to secure, did mean some shot adjustments, though they and the cast were great on the day. The location was a joy to work in visually and underlined to me the importance of good locations for a production.

The cafe scene, which was the final dialogue scene was plagued by difficulties. The promised  sunny evening turned to rain, the normally quiet cafe had an unusual evening rush and the Forth Road bridge was closed meaning the sound person and equipment were not going to make the shoot. Obtaining new sound equipment, which the crew was not familiar with did cause substantial delays, meaning again the shots were curtailed.

This was compounded by the one cast member continually forgetting her lines, this was the first time this has happened and I am sure this was a direct result of the chaos of the day.

There is still a concern that the sound was not recorded correctly Due to all these factors I did suggest that we postpone shooting this scene, as the  venue were accommodating for a reschedule, but I was over ruled.


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