The Opening Sequence

“In any television drama, a strong opening is really essential”(Orlebar, 2011, p207). Knowing how essential the opening was to hook the audience, I wrote an entirely new, cinematic opening to the film.  Orlebar (2011) goes on to say that the opening  sequence must introduce the location, set up the character and foreshadow plot and thematic elements.

This was going to be considerably challenging task that will be infused with subtext so I deliberately scheduled the exterior shoot last. I wanted to incorporate my observations of how the drama was enfolding into its composition,  I discussed at length with the editor and DOP what I hope to achieve with this scene. I did two reccies on the Royal Mile and the HUB venue and I deliberately shot the Royal Mile shots with a minimal crew, just the DOP and a runner. I also spent considerable time with the editor on this scene as we worked through the contradictions, counterpoint and flow. It was also the first scene we sent to the composer.

On reflection I think I did manage to achieve the key elements of an opening sequence.   Introduce the location : Edinburgh, night, noir, classical music:  The Protagonist – her ineptness, her late arrival, barefoot after broken shoe as well as foreshadowing the narrative and themes through a fast paced dramatic montage.



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