The Edit

In my director’s production log for Marcato, I spoke about the importance of partnerships in the role, and one of the most vital is that with the editor.  Robert Altman describes it as a Ping-Pong game “I hit the ball to the editor and it comes back with a different spin on it. Then I hit it back with a different spin.” ( 2017).

There was a good relationship with the editor from the start, he was on set often and was aware of the style, mood and theme of the film. We had regular meetings and sat together frequently through rough cuts until the final edit.  For time reasons, I colour graded as I had more experience.

He unfortunately had to deal with very bad sound in three scenes which did considerably increase his workload, but he came up with some very creative solutions to mitigate the issue the best he could. (2017). Directors and Editors –. [online] Available at: [Accessed 12 Apr. 2017].



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