The Reflection

The famous noir director Billy Wilder said “A director must be a policeman, a midwife, a psychoanalyst, a sycophant and a bastard” (Zolotov, 1977). I can say through the process of making Marcato I have been all of those and then some.  The process of wrestling with the words on page, making them visual while guiding cast and motivating crew has been challenging, rewarding and frustrating in almost equal measures. The director takes ownership of the production and that personal connection has brought out both negative and positives that I can work on.

The negative is that I did become frustrated at some of the crew’s work on the production. I need to see that the passion for this project or any of this matter, is not universal and can’t be assumed. I also need to note that is a learning process for all. I will though in future stay closer to Rabinger’s (2012) advice and leave the technical team to the DOP and concentrate on the cast and the drama.  Let him/ her be the bastard.

Even though I prepared extensively, more than I have prepared for any production, I could have prepared more. Perhaps for example a more detailed crew briefing from the outset would have prevented many niggling issues.

On a positive note, when I set out to make this film, I knew that is was important to have productive partnerships for the film to succeed. And with the producer in the beginning, the DOP through the shoot and the editor in post production that has been a mutually rewarding learning experience. Having time to work with a cast from the casting process though the shoot has given me invaluable insight not only into directing,  but scriptwriting too.  Identifying the beats, the cadence of the dialogue and the importance of character has allowed me reflect on how I will write in the future.

Ultimately though it has fuelled my passion for directing and I am determined to fix the flaws in the production and make Marcato the film it deserves to be.

Zolotow, M. (1977) Billy Wilder in Hollywood. New York: Putnam Publishing Group.

Rabiger, M. and Hurbis-Cherrier, M. (2012) Directing: Film techniques and aesthetics. 5th edn. Waltham, MA: Taylor & Francis.


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